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    Hello all I am looking for some help playing music on my computer and when not at my computer in the upcoming future.

    I just found out about all the Zune stuff (which makes me very sad now.) I love my Zune HD (32), but I am going to be at a loss now. I love having my dedicated little mp3 player, but with all the Zune stuff going away I am looking for some help to be able to play my music on my computer. I know the software will still work but I won't be able to download and add them to my Zune HD. I have Windows 7 so as far as I know there is no dedicated app or anything like that for Groove only the web browser version. I would like to be able to add my music to something but I have my 640xl but I don't want to use that for my music player and I am not sure of best way to even get music saved on it to begin with other then downloading them to my phone. I will use my phone to stream music but don't want to hog too much space up on it so I can use it for videos and pictures.

    Anyone have any tips for a Windows 7 users for a stand alone player for music with Groove now on my computer and portable other then using my phone?
    09-17-2015 11:32 PM

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