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    I purchased a Zune Subscription via multiple Zune gift cards from Best Buy. This included annual and 3 month cards which put my account expiration thru December 2017. For the annual passes I paid about $149 and 3 month $40. Compared to other streaming services at the time price was almost double but I purchased because the subscription included 10 free downloads a month.

    A few days ago I get an email saying Zune becomes groove and my 10 free downloads will no longer be available.

    The email had a link to an FAQ.
    This FAQ indicated annual subscriptions would be eligible for a refund. I called and after 4 hours of phone tossing, found person who told me their supervisor was aware of the issue but could not refund my money The supervisor asked the rep to escalate. He did the escalation form and told me I'd be contacted in a few days
    Days later I get a response saying they will not refund my money and my zune pass will become a groove account. No more free downloads. In addition, Groove is $10 a month and Zune PAss with downloads was $15 month. I get to pay (well prepay) more for less!

    This is completely unacceptable to me as I paid a large amount of money for a service which Microsoft ended. I equate it to Microsoft taking my annual 365 year subscription and randomly removing Word support. With the termination I should be entitled to a FULL REFUND. How do I find someone at Microsoft who can assist?
    09-25-2015 09:09 PM

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