1. AV2RY's Avatar
    Excel ask save file even if I didnt change anything...

    More details. I've noticed this nonsense long time ago with ONE file. I edit it daily on PC or Lumia phone (it syncs to OneDrive =1D). I sometimes open it just to check something, and when I attempt to close it a window pops up "Want to save your changes to ....xlsx?"

    Now I have to mentions this
    1. this happens even when i try close it as soon as it opens. no zooming in/out make or even click on the file (cells)
    2. I once did "save" it when i didnt make any changes. It stopped syncing to 1D, all changes I made on pc would sync to 1D, but all changes made on the phone would "stay" on the phone, it would also be unchanged on tablet even If i open FROM 1D (Win8.1). it was like I was editing two different files that were not syncing. I "fixed" it copy-pasting everything to a new file

    Now, editing files on the tablet is another issue..
    I have hundreds of office files (docx. ppt. exsl....) on 1D. If I edit one on PC or phone everything is fine and changes are saved on that same file BUT if I edit ANYTHING on the tablet 1) it saves that file as PC and phone 2)but, it also creates duplicate of it with adding tablets (computer) name on the file name..

    example. my file name on 1D is Presentation.ppt. if I edit it and save on tablet I will have two files on 1D, one Presentation.ppt and second Presentation-Av2ry.ppt

    is there anyway to fix nonsense with Excel and issue with the tablet?

    tablet - win8.1 in the past and win10 now
    09-28-2015 04:24 PM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    I've seen this problem before as I too work off my one drive mainly with excel files.

    I have gotten the stupid computer labels at the end of it. Duplicate files. It was really annoying.

    My take on it was editing files while offline/ using office to upload files.

    I haven't seen this recently anymore and the setting the only setting i changed was right clicking on one drive in the task bar, going to settings and their was an option about using office to upload files or something like that. Can't remember. This setting was there on 8.1 but since i upgraded to 10 i don't have the option.

    The issue is gone though but I can't say for 100% that that is the fix.

    Using office home and business 2013.
    09-28-2015 04:44 PM

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