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    I've been moving away from Google services and (attempting) to use Microsoft. I use Sheets/Excel heavily for budgeting. I am running into some frustrations coming from Google Sheets and using Excel Online. I might not be doing something right as these seem like small things.

    - Selecting more than one cell

    In Sheets I simply select a cell, hold down the Command/CTRL key, select another cell, and repeat until I have selected the cells I want. I do this to change the cell color for multiple cells at once. I can't do this in Excel Online at least not by holding the Command key or any other key I have tried.

    - Dragging selected cells

    When I open Excel Online it shows me 15 rows in a spreadsheet. When I select the first cell and drag down to select additional cells it stops at 15.

    - Clutter

    Excel online seems to take up a lot more space for the taskbar at the top and the help bar at the bottom. Any way to get rid of some of this clutter? I leave the ribbon expanded otherwise it would take too many clicks to do anything.

    - Select all cells

    In Sheets I can select all cells by clicking the box/space above row 1 next to column A. I don't have this option to select all cells in Excel Online?

    - Freezing rows/columns

    If I want to freeze the headers in a spreadsheet I can easily do that in Google Sheets. Is this not a feature in Excel Online?

    - Resize rows/columns

    Is there a way to select rows/columns and enter the size that you want them to be? I know I can drag the rows/columns to the size I want but I thought there would be a way to make all rows a certain size.
    09-29-2015 07:51 PM

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