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    Ever since updating to Windows 10, Groove Music won't show my collection. It only shows the music on my computer. And if I add something to my collection, it does not show on Groove Music on my other devices. My phone (Lumia Icon) still has Xbox Music, but my collection is up to date. Groove Music on my Xbox One is up to date and syncing with my phone. But Groove Music on Windows 10 (the app) will not. My collection on the web is working fine, though. It's only the Windows 10 app that has issues.

    I have tried redownloading, reconnecting my account, and more. No luck. Any one else have this issue and any ideas how to fix? This has been going on since Windows 10 launched, and the Microsoft forums have not answered my question :(
    10-04-2015 05:51 PM

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