1. Aanze's Avatar
    So I've switched from my Lumia 930 to a Nexus 6 a while ago already because I was sick of waiting for a new flagship device but wanted to change my phone.
    Now the Lumia 950XL is on his way and I'm seriously considering a come back to WP.. So I've made a list of the mandatory apps for my survival and pretty much everything is covered except from the perfect android "gReader" app for which I can't find a decent replacement.

    What I need is an app that can:
    - search for rss CUSTOM feeds (easy)
    - offer a full article view including pictures: not a "click to view more", not a 100 word summary, no, the real full article which works with all rss feeds and not only those who meet to some standards.
    - the ability to define an automatic update that will refresh and download all the full latest articles without having to open the app
    - the same exact features as mentionned hereunder for audio podcasts (search + download in background)

    For now I've tried a couple application on my gf's L735 but none of it had all these features..
    I can't remember all of them but here are the most proposed ones when searching google:
    - Feed me: full article download option exists but doesn't work with every rss feeds (that works perfectly fine on the android app)
    - Feed Reader: requires you to open the article and tap "read later" in order to save the article + no podcast support
    - Fusion: same as feed me

    I didn't try Nextgen Reader though, but since it's paid I wanted to ask for feedback on its features first..
    So, if anyone knows the app that can fulfill my needs, I'm all hears :)
    10-22-2015 08:32 AM
  2. Aanze's Avatar
    Ahah, no answers, seems hopeless ?
    Anyway, for those who would be interested by the thread, be aware that I just bought and tested Nextgen Reader and well.. it doesn't do what I need either...
    Actually its a pretty decent rss application with a lot of features and a pleasant readability, and it does propose a "download article" feature. Only you have to manually open every single article in ordert o download everything.

    I didn't want to stop here so I've checked a bit more on the internet and guess what... this feature (downloading all article for offline reading) is the first item of the top suggestions voted on the official website of the developers:
    The team answered to voters though:
    "We wanted to implement this feature in a way that user shouldn’t have to keep the app running during full article sync (but due to WP8 design/limitations it is not possible yet)"

    Now, I don't know if those limitations can be overriden with the future WP10 builds but I sure do hope it will.
    10-27-2015 06:08 AM
  3. kefkekeyser's Avatar
    I am using Flux on my Lumia 735. This one is able to cache articles for offline view (flux-app.com).
    12-08-2015 06:52 AM
  4. mnikonov's Avatar
    I think you can try Newsflow
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    01-15-2016 08:10 AM
  5. kiryl bahdanovich's Avatar
    Hello Aanze,

    Try Okay Reader. It is under development and you can download and use it for free now. One of the main features there is to download feeds and cache feeds and articles in background when the app either working or closed. I can not guarantee that it suits all your needs but you can try at least :). And all latest news and updates are discussed here: #okayreader. Also you can leave a feedback here: okay.reader.feedback@gmail.com

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    03-22-2016 07:28 AM
  6. ahmed alkttawy's Avatar
    Try NewsFlow is the best and free
    06-04-2016 04:01 AM

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