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    Hi. I have a Tmobile Nokia Lumia 635.

    If I set Internet explorer to prefer loading mobile websites, and I try to load CNN.com, it states that I need to find an app for it and it won't load the site. If I set IE to load desktop websites, CNN loads, though I'm not sure how functional it is.

    I'd like to set the preference in IE for mobile websites since some sites are difficult otherwise. Is there a way to make CNN work mobile website wise in IE without needing another browser and without having to use a specific app or can I set CNN to load as the desktop site? In other words, can I specify how each site loads.. mobile or desktop?

    To explain further:
    I've been setting up my website favorites in IE and no matter what url I put for CNN.com as the favorite, if i have IE set to prefer mobile sites, it will not load and asks for an app. If I set pref for desktop sites, CNN loads. I'd just leave it on to prefer desktop sites, but some sites are huge and hard to even see in that format and this is why I prefer mobile. If this is some sort of issue, I was wondering if I could force cnn to load the desktop version while IE is in mobile pref mode. I've tried various urls and nothing seems to work.

    I've tried restarting, clearing the cache etc... doesn't help. This issue only seems to happen with CNN that I've seen so far. I also have a tmobile lumia 530 and same story on that device. Thanks for any assistance
    10-29-2015 08:05 PM

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