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    It's been quite awhile since Foundbite wasfirst featured onWindows (then WP) Central.

    After a year or soof running it as a side project while doing Windows Phone contract work I'venow been joined by another developer and we just received investment fromBill Gross/IdeaLab toexpand and grow the app. In September, we launched a completely redesignedversion of the app and an Android version (we're now working on iOS).

    Whilst we can't stayexclusive to Windows forever it's still where most of our user have come fromand we're continuing to keep the app on par with other platforms. Last week wereleased a redesigned capture process that makes it a load easier to capturephotos and sound on Windows Phone.

    If you originallychecked the app a couple of years ago, or if you're just hearing about it forthe first time, I'd love to get your feedback about our redesign and the app ingeneral

    11-09-2015 07:03 AM

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