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    I have had a Music Pass for a very long time. Ive had my problems with Xbox Music and what not, but I am getting sick of this. Recently I posted how to reset the Groove App on windows 10 via the powershell commands. Obviously because you can not uninstall the Groove app like traditional store apps. I was guided with phone support the steps to uninstall and reinstall. Fixed my problem.

    Well, yesterday it was back. 0x80070020 when trying to play ANYTHING from my subscription. I did the PowerShell trick and uninstalled-reinstalled the Groove app. presto, I could play my content again on my SP3. Today, the error is back. I have come to conclusion that after an off/on or reboot that something is happening to where the problem persists.

    This is in no way acceptable to have to un-install and reinstall the app everytime I want to use it. Frankly, WTH is going on here?
    11-25-2015 12:28 PM

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