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    First of all, I am NOT the maker of the app, but I ought to share this information which may be useful to others who are interested in weather forecasting and radar data.

    I am referring to Rain Alarm by Michael Diener - Software e.K. (used to be by Carlos Aviles). Looks like they have added coverage for several regions in the world recently, including the Philippines - where an average of 20 typhoons hit annually. It took some time, though, before they could add Philippine weather data (I contacted them two years ago about this).

    Other apps claim that they are the most complete radar app (who wouldn't claim they're number 1 anyway?), but I've downloaded countless weather apps and now with the latest backend update I'd say that this is the radar app to have.

    I'm not in anyway affiliated with the developer of the app, but I believe he (or she, or they) deserve credit for their work.

    Unfortunately, I can't paste store links since all microsoft links seem aren't accessible at the moment - notice how I didn't capitalize "microsoft".

    This is true both for Windows 10 Mobile (and iOS and Android). Will be posting the same in the appropriate threads.

    ~End of transmission~
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    09-30-2016 04:26 PM

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