1. FredBloggs007's Avatar
    So I got an email from Uber saying they are doing a worldwide rollout of their new app which overhauls the UI/UX dramatically. When I asked them when it would be available for Windows 10, this is the reply I got...

    "We understand that you are inquiring about the new Uber Rider App. Unfortunately this is only being rolled out to IOS and Android users at present."

    Not good at all.

    Also, I've been having real issues with the Windows 10 app insofar as it has lost a lot of functionality which was present in the Windows 8.1 Phone version. Again, I asked Uber what their plans were to align the functionality and you would not believe the reply I got.

    "Unfortunately we don't have a timescale on feature updates for the Windows device. The platform is currently optimised for iOS and Android at this time. You may find our mobile website at m.uber.com an alternative to the app in case it does have all features available to you. Please be aware you will need to log on to m.uber.com via the browser on your Windows Device. The website functions in exactly the same way as the app, and hopefully you can save the link to your home screen to easily access it."

    I am absolutely shocked that they are suggesting to use the mobile website as an alternative. Uber were one of the first companies to embrace Windows Universal apps and the UWP framework hence the release of the common apps for Windows 10 for mobile, PC & tablets this time last year. I am surprised to now hear that the platform is optimised for iOS and Android.

    What on earth is going on???
    11-04-2016 04:56 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Well, Windows 10 Mobile has only gotten less appealing marketwise (now lumped in with Other in metrics and Microsoft continuing to not care), Microsoft has only caused more reason to disregard the platform and Uber doesn't believe it worth it. They jumped on UWP it seems, but it doesn't sound like a runaway success. Probably got burned.

    They offer the website as a solution because that's whats there.
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    11-05-2016 01:17 AM
  3. FredBloggs007's Avatar
    Yep I agree, but you would hope someone from MS apps partner team (if there is one) has a word with Uber to help them. I mean if MS is now pushing Win10 Mob for business then Uber is certainly an app that a business user needs... like me!
    11-05-2016 06:07 AM
  4. tgp's Avatar
    I mean if MS is now pushing Win10 Mob for business then Uber is certainly an app that a business user needs... like me!
    I've thought of this too. Business users will also need apps from companies such as airlines and hotels. It seems that if WM is for business use, the user will also be expected to carry a personal phone.
    11-05-2016 08:20 AM
  5. Timbre70's Avatar
    They will suggest use mobile site as what some of us here suggested whenever there's an apps argument. Lol...
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    11-05-2016 08:28 AM
  6. grahamf's Avatar
    Surprisingly, I'm kinda trending to mobile sites myself. I don't even have a RBC or Koodo app on my phone, just using the mobile pages.

    I think it would be a good idea to focus more on a good mobile site than a dedicated app for a small platform. And why? Because the mobile site will work on Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Sailfish, etc with no optimizing or porting for each one - and that's going to be pretty important if we want to break the Apple-Google app monopoly. Literally NO alternative OS has a chance in hell of a decent marketshare if it doesn't have the apps, and the apps won't come to an OS without the marketshare. With HTML 5 and all the latest tech and protocols, webapps are far more powerful then they used to be, and can have deeper integration with the system.

    So we shouldn't be fighting for mobile apps for our preferred OS, we should be fighting for fully featured mobile sites that compete with the app.
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    11-06-2016 01:30 AM
  7. vanel321's Avatar
    Thanks, I did not know that site, I am glad to know that alternative since lately the app is outdated and go 2 times that the uber is lost because the address is incorrect.
    11-07-2016 05:51 PM
  8. FredBloggs007's Avatar
    Just got an uber app update today. The only thing I spotted was a new feedback icon (smiley face) in the top right. Time to chime in and submit our feedback now!
    11-11-2016 12:40 AM
  9. Iwan Junifanto's Avatar
    Yes. I just doing a roll back using WDRT on 950XL (w10), and when i trying to install and use UBER, the apps doesn't work. It says "App currently unavailable. Please go to uber.com/windows. the same thing happen on my 540 (w8.1).
    01-09-2017 07:47 PM

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