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    Hi all,

    I've just released a new version of the hueDynamic UWP app for Windows 10, Xbox and mobile. Please check it out!

    Microsoft Store Link Here!


    The newest and simplest to use Philips Hue app for Windows 10, mobile and Xbox One. Now featuring Cortana!

    Feel energized or relaxed with professionally designed experiences combining light and sound. Over 40 mixable and dynamic scenes with simple room and lighting group control, such as mountain chill, fireplace, jungle night, fire and ice, rainforest, fireworks and many more!

    Just added, new seasonal experiences such as Christmas Tree and Santa's sleigh flying overhead and Cortana support (not Xbox). Control your lights with simple commands, such as "Hey Cortana, lights off in the kitchen." or "Hey Cortana, start fireplace in the living room for 20 minutes".

    The hueDynamic app has a simple setup and linking with auto detection of your Hue system.

    If you run a Plex Media Server, add the final touch to your smart home by integrating with your Plex Server to automatically adjust your lighting when you start watching!

    Our sunlight simulator helps you forget the bleak winter by adjusting the lights you select to match the brightness and temperature of the sun.

    Multiple device control means that running effects are displayed on other devices on your network, allowing you to start and stop effects from the closest.

    • Professional dynamic lighting scenes for your Philips Hue system, with stereo sound effects and music!
    • Simple management of rooms or groups of lights
    • Real-time status updates and control across Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile and Xbox One!
    • Integration with Plex Media Server - adjusts your lighting when it's time to watch a movie!
    • Combat S.A.D with the Sunlight Simulator - designate lights to follow the sun's brightness and temperature.
    • Responsive application design for all sizes of device
    • Set an ambience or experience to run on a timer - perfect reminder for those long showers!
    • Search for new lights and connect them to your bridge automatically or by serial number
    • Rename the rooms and lights stored on your bridge
    • Cortana Voice Control of your smart lights, e.g. "Hey Cortana, Lights dim to 25%", or "Hey Cortana, lights start lighting storm in the bathroom for 20 minutes"
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    12-10-2016 09:00 AM