1. YKinase's Avatar
    The latest fast ring build of Groove, which features the music video option, seems to have dropped Bluetooth audio output significantly. I used to play back on a volume of 20. Now maxed to 30 still isn't close to the 20 setting. Anyone else see this?
    04-03-2017 12:16 PM
  2. thomasOmorrell's Avatar
    Same here. Also it seems to have loss some clarity. It happen to me before and a reset my phone and was fixed but as soon as the app updated the problem came back. I'm on a 950xl on latest fast ring.
    04-05-2017 08:23 PM
  3. YKinase's Avatar
    I just noticed that the volume problem wasn't there when I first opened Groove after a restart. When the screen timed out and went to sleep (Lumia 950), the volume dropped. I've noticed screen locking also changing sound quality while driving.

    Fitbit Beta test just notified users that there are several severe OS-level bugs that will be addressed in the coming months. It may be a while before Bluetooth doesn't suck.
    04-06-2017 09:21 AM
  4. ITmanagerNC's Avatar
    At least I'm not crazy. I knew something was off on my 1520 with the CU update then I fired up my old 925 with the non-video enabled App version and it was much louder.

    There has to be a way to edit the max volume parameter directly in the registry using the Interop Tool.
    04-17-2017 06:36 AM

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