1. cowboy6201's Avatar
    Has anyone else noticed, when Ur done doing a FB live message and post it, the audio breaks up?
    Is does it both on my desktop and Surface 3?
    Was working fine before Creator's Update, now after Creator's Update it not working right.
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    04-12-2017 11:28 PM
  2. RohanRonQM's Avatar
    You will need at least 4GB of RAM on your computer in order for Facebook app to work properly.

    You did say you had a Surface 3 which technically has 4GB (but only 3.5GB are usable in Windows). My recommendation would be to get a device with more than that allotted. Something like a Surface Pro 4 with 8GB will be plenty
    04-13-2017 12:13 PM
  3. cowboy6201's Avatar
    My desktop has 16 GBs of ram and it's doing the same thing, the live video works fine up until I post it after I finish the live video.
    people tell me the live video is fine during the broadcast, it's when I post it it's bad. It's got to be Facebook's issue?
    04-14-2017 11:48 AM

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