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    So I've installed some of these on my tablet as stand-alone "unbrowsered" apps, and apparently, although I've never tried, you can do the same on a windows phone via the app "WebApps" by Australian company Sydience (Seems to have in-app purchases though).

    They run quick, have simple scalable UIs and are basically just...apps.

    On a tablet all you do is go to the web app in chrome, select more tools, save to desktop (with run windowed selected), to have them as a standalone app.

    Please shout out if you have some more great/handy web apps! (I'll add them in here)

    Google Maps
    Google Drive
    MS Office Online
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    Thanks for the recommendation. But it's too slow and laggy after trying the Google Maps.
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    04-24-2017 03:18 AM
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    For me there's not a lot of difference from the android app, speed wise with google maps (which yeah is quicker to initialise/load, but not IME massively). Using the 3D mode or anything I find it fine as an experience, unless I have limited bandwidth.

    You can always use bing maps, that's just as good really, for a basic map. A native app is always going to be a bit quicker, and a map app is a pretty heavy application, with a lot of data loading.

    Speed there probably depends on device power, and network access too. You wouldn't really want to be using web apps if you were mostly on 2g or 3g.

    Quite often my 2016 windows tablet (4gb, quad intel 1.8ghz) runs faster in many ways than my 2013 android device (1.7ghz arm dual core, 2gb) running web app versus android app respectively, even if you ignore the network access as a factor.

    I use youtube as a web app all the time, much cleaner than those weird variations you get as uwps. I actually use google maps too. Nice to get the street view, 3D etc, just to check something out. Not much else, although I have just loaded aviary recently. Its a little slow to initialise, but plenty quick once it has. Faster than the same thing on my android, once its in.

    The filters in that program are lovely, really lovely. Haven't found anything UWP that compares yet. If I did, I'd use it, because local UWPs are a tad quicker.
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    What I want to know is what else is there? I've become obsessed with amassing the best UWPs and web apps on my tablet XD
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    04-24-2017 05:30 AM
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    I like the paybyphone mobile webapp :) but that's if you have it there :D
    04-25-2017 05:28 PM

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