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    I've recently been trialing FastMail as a replacement for my patchwork setup of using Gmail and Outlook.com to sync contacts, calendar, email and so on - so far it looks good.

    To accommodate it's standards, I'm looking for a client that runs on Windows 10 and can handle:

    • CardDAV (for Contacts)
    • CalDAV (for Calendar)
    • IMAP Notes a la iOS + Gmail (this is a plus, but I won't be picky)
    • Email in general is also a plus, Exchange optional.

    Looks like Outlook 2016 can't handle those without an add-in and I tried this add-in to sync CalDAV but it doesn't seem reliable.

    The Windows 10 Mail + Calendar apps don't appear to support anything beyond the basics and specific services either.

    It's still not clear to me how comprehensive Thunderbird's support is.

    Anything else I've missed? So far this is making macOS look pretty good with it's suite of built-in apps that look like they're right out of the iPhone.
    12-11-2017 08:39 PM

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