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    With Groove music subscription gone and music gone from te store how are u buying hour's?

    I loved Groove Music used my pass all the time to either download or buy music if I liked a song a lot I would buy it.

    Since Amazon released the Amazon Music player App and I had bought music from Amazon in the past, I'll use the Amazon Music player to buy music.
    I have a Spotify Subscription but the only thing I don't like about that. is u can't buy music from Spotify.
    I don't know if I'll keep using Spotify I'm not impressed with it,s o being #1 I don't see how it is #1 .
    I really miss Zune.
    I still have and use my Zune HD 64GB player, I love that player and I own 3 Cars a 2015 Ford Escape SE with the MSFT SYNC and my Zune player works great with that I just plug in the Zune cord and comes right up on the screen with album art and artist and song info.
    My other 2Cars are 2017 Ford Explorer Sport and a 2017 Ford Escape both with SYNC 3, I like the SYNC 3, but miss the Zune integration with MSFT SYNC.
    So how are you getting your Music in 2018 with music gone from the Store?
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    Don't buy. :)

    Streaming on demand is the current way. Note: Even streaming options allow you to Download the albums you like onto the phone.

    If you really want to buy, then just buy via say Amazon.com, download and load onto your Zune by coping the mp3 files.
    03-11-2018 10:08 PM

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