1. gravage's Avatar
    I have had the Surround for about a week. I've been trying to test the download speeds to compare with my iPhone 4. The only speedtest app on the store is worthless. I have tried the following sites:

    iphone spped test at DSLReports.com

    All of which have returned pretty sad results. The highest I ever hit was 1.3 Mbps and I only saw that once. On my iPhone 4, I was regularly seeing test results in the 2-3 Mbps range. I have tested my Focus in the places I saw those results and I see about 300 Kbps or lower.

    WP7 doesn't really cache much of anything. And almost all of the apps are solid web content, so it needs fast 3G more than a phone like the iPhone. I'm a little concerned that the radio just isn't cutting it. That, or none of these speedtest sites are compatible with the browser.

    Anyone had any better luck?
    12-02-2010 05:17 PM