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    Hello All.

    I just moved back home and brought back with me a LG Quantum. I had really wanted the HTC Arrive from Sprint, but the lack of GSM capability was the deal breaker.

    I purchased the SIM unlock code, but when I tried inputting the code, I got a PUK code error. I understand this a Unlock code that is associated with only the SIM card. So before I attempt unlocking again, my questions are:

    1. Should I get another SIM card from my home network and re-input the code?
    EDIT: I tried another SIM and I still get the "PUK" code message.
    2. Has the PUK Code blocked the phone from accepting any SIM's other than AT&T?
    3. IN the event that I have to get a PUK code, is this code specific to a SIM Card, the IMEI of the phone or AT&T?
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