1. hepi's Avatar
    Has anyone been able to have Verizon sim unlock their HTC Trophy? I have a Touch Pro2 that is sim unlocked and use a Rogers Prepaid sim card while I am in Canada. I would like to get the Trophy and use my Rogers sim card. Is this possible?

    I appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

    06-29-2011 05:03 PM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    The Verizon Trophy doesn't have a Sim card slot.
    06-29-2011 10:26 PM
  3. hepi's Avatar
    Thanks. I guess since it is a global ready, I thought it would have a removable sim card.
    06-29-2011 10:52 PM
  4. thed's Avatar
    Actually it does have a sim card, right behind the battery. I'm looking at it right now.

    I think you can get it unlocked but you'll have to give Verizon a call.
    06-29-2011 11:08 PM
  5. Dave Blake's Avatar
    I could be wrong I don't have a Trophy but I made you look... ;)
    06-29-2011 11:10 PM
  6. msft_tinkering's Avatar
    I could be wrong I don't have a Trophy but I made you look... ;)
    Yes, you are wrong. I had to pull the sim card out when I swapped the 16GB microSDHC for a 32GB microSDHC, so you also didn't make me look :P
    06-30-2011 10:37 AM
  7. Dave Blake's Avatar
    All I have to say to that is... Well... Thanks for noticing
    msft_tinkering likes this.
    06-30-2011 10:30 PM
  8. scottd34's Avatar
    Call global support at vzw. If it can be unlocked, they will be the ones to work with.
    07-15-2011 09:55 AM