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    Hi guys, I've started hearing a high pitched noise every time the screen (backlight) is on. It's not super loud (I only hear it when the phone is about 3" from my ear) and sounds similar to "ringing" in the ears.

    When I place the phone in sleep mode or if I am on a call with the proximity sensor activated I cannot hear anything.

    I've done a battery pull, hard reset, and even reset the phone back to its original firmware via backup. Has anybody else experienced this? Is this within the normal operating parameters?


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    Thought I heard some buzzing one day on my Surround while testing out a non-OEM battery, with the phone on charge (and screen on) but it went away after unplugging. That only happened once though and non-OEM has already been returned.

    Your issue sounds like a grounding problem with the speaker or screen. You have already done all the troubleshooting steps. May need a replacement.

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    I can hear this on my Trophy. I just thought it was normal behavior. Like you said it's very quiet and I never hear it under normal circumstances. I only noticed it because one time the proximity sensor was being wonky during a call and the screen turned on. I think it's too late for me to make a return, but I'm ok with this since it never really bothers me.

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    I can't imagine anything making this sound unless you are charging the phone. Maybe it has something to do with your location and different radio wave/frequencies bugging out the speaker or something . . .
    07-10-2011 01:33 PM

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