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    For the last several months I've been using a Samsung focus prepaid while I waited for the trophy.

    I just now bought a trophy off eBay and added the mango bits. The screen difference is huge. HTC will need to find a way to improve because samoled if far far superior.

    outside of that the differences are small I think I actually prefer the smaller screen as the for factor fits my hand better...

    I'm getting to where I'm fine with the screen so long I don't look atsammy

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    07-17-2011 08:53 AM
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    Mango is outstanding. Few small bugs to fix but interestingly its faster than nodo. Transitions,app hydration,and app scrolling are just amazing! Social integration is even more seemless. Just beautiful imo.

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    07-17-2011 08:56 AM
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    Great to hear that. Makes waiting for official Mango a little bit harder, but I'll wait patiently :)
    07-17-2011 02:21 PM