09-28-2011 04:34 PM
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  1. ihavetreo's Avatar
    09-01-2011 12:20 PM
  2. dreamcast87's Avatar
    Mango for the HTC Arrive is located at xda-developers forums...if you want the official one from Sprint.....I've no idea when and if they'll release it. Seems like Sprint is android's ***** with all those android phones every 2 or 3 months.
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    09-11-2011 09:06 AM
  3. JackG058's Avatar
    I believe they'll support the Arrive also. Sprint is one of the best carriers at releasing updates. They are trying hard to be the carrier of choice, since they are fighting from 3rd place. They'll probably be supporting yet another platform's OS come October.
    09-11-2011 05:26 PM
  4. davenpj's Avatar
    I get the 7 pro which is arrive (might be getting) if it don't have mango lol I'm going to be maf

    sent from my desire
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    09-11-2011 05:50 PM
  5. jasqid's Avatar
    I smell fresh mangos! Should be delivered on the 15th!
    09-12-2011 12:31 PM
  6. kg4icg's Avatar
    I know for certain the Mango 7720 RTM works great on the Arrive.

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    09-12-2011 07:20 PM
  7. geekladyemjay's Avatar
    For Sprint to be a communication company they are not communicating anything to their loyal customers. It would be easier to wait if there was some information to go on. I was going to do the beta but it seems too involved plus don't you have to revert back when the real update does come out?
    09-15-2011 03:14 PM
  8. sandmanfvr's Avatar
    RTM mango works BEAUTIFULLY on the arrive, upgrade to it BUT do a FULL backup first. Or wait for sprint.
    09-16-2011 02:12 AM
  9. Jake_M's Avatar
    The 160 character limit for texts is so annoying...wish it was fixed in Mango.
    09-16-2011 03:39 PM
  10. davenpj's Avatar
    I'm vetting my us cellular. 7 pro this weekend

    sent from my desire
    09-16-2011 03:45 PM
  11. sinime's Avatar
    The 160 character limit for texts is so annoying...wish it was fixed in Mango.
    Off topic, but that brings up a gripe of mine w/webOS... Well it may not be webOS, but here goes... If someone sends me a picture in a text and I forward it to multiple people, iOS & webOS always receive it, no problem. BUT BB & Android have issues. It never goes through to BB users and only sometimes goes through to Android users. I have had to learn to DL the pic first, then make a new message and attach the pic for it to work... So, any txt msg quirks like that on WP7? Or is it just that you are limited to 160 chars?

    Edit: and how about animated gif images in text messaging? Does WP7 display them? In the txt app, webOS will just show the first frame.

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    09-16-2011 04:07 PM
  12. geekladyemjay's Avatar
    I was going to do it but chickend out. Where did you get your instructions from? The ones I was going to use started out by having me go back to Zune 4.7 but when I did that I was not able to log into Zune. I guess I will try again Sunday so that I can stop being frustrated. :-)
    09-16-2011 04:30 PM
  13. DontHate707's Avatar
    There hasn't even been a rumor about sprint testing I suggest we go to the sprint forum and ask. Sprint usually gets updates out as quick at t mobile and the arrive is one of there highest rated phones
    09-16-2011 04:58 PM
  14. planetbrian411's Avatar
    I know for certain the Mango 7720 RTM works great on the Arrive.

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    I have searched and do not seem to find the 7.5 rtm on the xda site. Can you post a link please?
    09-16-2011 05:30 PM
  15. cherrywithns's Avatar
    Have a friend that works for Sprint, says lab just received Mango for testing and should be 2 to 4 weeks before official release.
    09-17-2011 02:10 PM
  16. geekladyemjay's Avatar
    That is the most I have heard about anything from Sprint. Would suck to have to wait but that seems to be the theme for Mango... "Wait" I guess new mango phones are just out of the quetion.
    09-18-2011 11:36 PM
  17. ihavetreo's Avatar
    Have a friend that works for Sprint, says lab just received Mango for testing and should be 2 to 4 weeks before official release.
    Source? Or proof?
    09-20-2011 06:25 PM
  18. Thrasherx2k1's Avatar
    So will the update be released for the Arrive within the next 2 weeks? Or does this only mean Mango will be released to the carriers within the next 2 weeks?
    09-22-2011 12:06 AM
  19. kg4icg's Avatar
    The carriers already have it.
    09-22-2011 12:30 AM
  20. cherrywithns's Avatar
    Just got news that 27th would be the roll out for Sprint. Just a little background.... For the past 5 years, I was a quality analyst for Sprint. I worked at the call center in Oklahoma. I was part of the group that was monitoring the calls. My responsiblity was the Ticket support team, and we worked closely with the Campus in Overland Park Kansas. My wife and I started our own business, so I resigned from Sprint, but I still have some contacts. My phone history was the Samsung Blade, then Palm Centro, then Blackberry Curve, Palm Pre, LG Optimus S, then the HTC Arrive.

    I am anxious to have Mango on my device....
    09-22-2011 10:02 PM
  21. DontHate707's Avatar
    27th?! Sounds good to me!
    09-23-2011 01:16 AM
  22. kitenski's Avatar
    How's about for carrier free devices (like mine)? Will I be able to download Mango from HTC?
    09-23-2011 06:57 AM
  23. caliborn's Avatar
    Are they going to announce it?

    I had no doubt Sprint would be one of the first to roll out Mango but it would be nice to let everyone know how awesome they are at updating their supported phones....

    or is that just my thinking?
    09-23-2011 11:00 AM
  24. erasure25's Avatar
    The 27th would be great! I had hoped Sprint would make an announcement of some sort as we seem to be hearing from everyone else. It would make sense for Sprint to come out ahead of AT&T and Verizon given they are the 3rd largest. Keeping customers happy would make for a good plan... and keeping customer informed is generally a good way to keep them happy.
    09-23-2011 01:52 PM
  25. jrdatrackstar1223's Avatar
    I want to believe it, but I am so scarred from Android that I can't believe it's coming that quick. I know WP7 is supposed to be a smoother update experience than Android (way smoother) but I just can't help but be cautious when it comes to carrier updates. Heck, the Epic is still on Froyo on Sprint, and without all the hype behind WP7 like Android (or the rumored upcoming iPhone) I feel like Sprint is treating WP7 like it's red headed stepchild and figuring that there isn't enough profit being made from it (thus not supporting it). I'm not saying Mango won't come to it (it has to), but that it will take forever.

    I want to be wrong, so I've restored my phone back to NoDo. If the update doesn't come out (or at least some sort of announcement isn't made about Sprint's rollout) then it's back to Mango RTM I go because I'm tired of carriers always messing things up....
    09-23-2011 04:40 PM
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