1. sutt1576's Avatar

    i have the pro 7 and have seen several post about people having it jailbroken now im not asking for infomation how to or where but i would like to know why?

    my phone is unlocked to any network so what is the reason to have or get the phone jailbroke? seems to make no sense to me as most apps are free anyway so unless im missing something dont seem any reason

    thanks for the info
    09-24-2011 08:34 PM
  2. GekkoAce's Avatar
    Actually you're right.. There's not much of a reason to Jailbreak a WP7... I imagine there will be people pissed off they have to pay for tethering or something.. But it's not like iOS where Apple ignores what users want in the OS. WP7 really feels like MS is watching these forums and pushing toward the perfect OS. Maybe not quite as fast as we'd like... But not MS is definitely not blaming the user for holding the phone wrong.

    And it's easy to permanently unlock almost all WP7's with just a code from Ebay or your carrier after you've been with them for 6 months.
    09-24-2011 09:18 PM
  3. infenit101's Avatar
    What is the advantage of jailbreaking? Does it allow you to sideload apps? Can it be done with the new Mango update?
    10-09-2011 02:32 PM