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    As we all know HTC provided a firmware update for the Trophy along with Mango. I'm pretty sure that one thing they changed is the proximity sensor. Back in Nodo I occasionally would hang up on someone or turn on speakerphone with my ear because the proximity sensor briefly glitched out and turned the screen on for a second. I would have to hold it just right to keep the screen off. It seemed to get worse on the Mango beta, though that might be my imagination.

    Now it seems like they increased the sensitivity quite a bit. I haven't had the screen inadvertently turn on once. I can even hold the phone slightly away from my ear and it won't turn on, something I could never do on Nodo. I say good job, HTC :)

    I haven't been running this firmware for very long so I haven't really had the chance to see if the signal is any better. Has anyone noticed this or any other noticeable firmware changes?
    09-30-2011 07:45 PM