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    Just a little story I thought I'd share.

    I have a Fiat 500 which has the Blue&Me system (a Microsoft system which enables the car to read out text messages and play music from a USB key). But it doesn't allow you to dictate a text in reply (like the MS & Ford system in the states).

    I had a nice surpirse the other day when a text came in and my Omnia 7 talked to me through the Blue&Me system and gave me the option of replying!

    The only issue now is that my car appears to have a split personality with the Fiat voice talking to me about some things and the WP7 Mango voice talking to me about others! :)
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    10-14-2011 07:19 AM
  2. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Just worry when they start to talk to each other, and ignore you, podsnap LOL. ;)
    10-14-2011 07:30 AM
  3. podsnap's Avatar
    LOL! Yeah, if they start talking to each other, they may never stop! :D
    10-14-2011 08:12 AM