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    I have a Focus v. 1.3

    Since forcing my update to Mango, I have encountered serious issues with Bluetooth.

    Put simply, each time I want to connect a Bluetooth device to my phone, I have to:

    1. Delete the pair from the phone
    2. Reboot the phone
    3. Reboot the device
    4. Re-pair the device to the phone

    The Bluetooth device will then work until I turn off Bluetooth on the phone, or power down the device, or walk out of range. After that, I have to repeat the above mentioned process to reconnect.

    I primarily use a pair of Motorola S305 Bluetooth stereo headphones, which worked nearly flawlessly with NoDo. However, I have the behavior with other Bluetooth headsets as well.

    I was able to successfully connect/disconnect the S305s from my wife's android phone without issue, exactly as the process should work.

    Any advice?
    10-19-2011 11:20 AM
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    Okay, so just noticed this:

    - If it turn on my wifi, I can connect with Bluetooth devices fine, in a completely normal fashion (without having to go through the unpair/repair steps listed above)

    - If wifi is off, I cannot connect to any Bluetooth devices (without following the steps mentioned above), but any devices that had an active connection before disabling wifi will continue to work as long as I do not disconnect them

    - The Data connection does not have any effect whatsoever

    I'm connecting/disconnecting to Bluetooth through the default mechanism (not using any shortcut tiles, etc).

    Guys, is the Bluetooth "connect" switch tied to the wifi toggle somehow?
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    10-19-2011 03:17 PM