1. wellsmanfu's Avatar
    My wifi will show that it is connected just fine when I'm using it, but if my phone is asleep for a while and I turn it back on I have to sometimes reconnect to to my wifi.

    The phone will show that the wifi connected but I either get no wifi connection or a very, very slow connection. If I go into wifi and turn it off, then back on and let it reconnect then my wifi will work fine again. It's not my wifi at home because other phones, laptops and my xbox have no connectivity issues. My Arrive will also lose 3G signal alot as well.

    Could I have just gotten another bad device? I just got this one as a replacement for my last arrive that was constantly dropping calls and losing 3G signal. I hope not, I don't want to replace my phone and start all over again...again.
    10-27-2011 12:01 AM