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    Hi, I had a HTC Titan, and install some applications. How can I back up the data from any applications.
    for example I install the Handy Safe to storage my passwords. How can I backup this data, because I had to reset the phone and I lost the data and have to put all again.
    11-08-2011 07:31 AM
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    Yo can't today. That's why I seek out apps that sync with SkyDrive or Dropbox. SkyWallet is the best password app available, syncing with SkyWallet and a client for your desktop. Notesly+ does a great job for synced notes. Or Pocket Files for everything else in your Dropbox folder. CleverToDo syncs with Dropbox. And CarLog can backup/restore from Db. There are more out there. Just have to read the description.

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    11-08-2011 07:56 AM