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    So i've been looking for a mango update for my focus 1.4 for awhile and my hopes arose when i saw all the updates that were showing up today for lots of other phones...EXCEPT the 1.4. Gotta be honest that i'm getting a little agrivated at the silence from Microsoft, Samsung, and At&t on this. I'm sure a lot of people are getting tired of hearing everyone whine and complain about this issue (including myself and i've done by fair share of griping to the gf) but after i saw the black friday sale that At&t is going to do next week i'm almost ready to say forget it and break down and get another phone. Contract doesn't let me get a free upgrade till October of next year but for a penny i'll pay the early upgrade fee. So its down to the Focus S or the Titan. What do you guys think? Get the Focus S or Titan, or just be patient and wait for that awesome Nokia that no one as seen but that everyone's hoping to come next year? I've got a week to make up my mind up.
    11-17-2011 05:54 PM

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