1. s0uldrift3r's Avatar
    No dead pixels no yellowing wifi seems to work like it should calls seem clear n loud turned off srs sound, but i noticed one thing

    Anyone who has a att titan does anyone notice like a slight hiss when typing, it seems to come after the typing sound ? don't get it with music thro the speaker or netflix audio... also there is a slight lag with the keyboard, but the sound hiss is the main problem for me

    its sorta of annoying but if its normal then I can live with it !

    11-29-2011 02:34 PM
  2. Major's Avatar
    Haven't gotten mine, but since I always have my phone on Silent, I guess I'll never know.

    There's a thread around here relating to Titan hiss:


    Perhaps there's a connection.
    11-29-2011 03:30 PM
  3. s0uldrift3r's Avatar
    Yah, thinking there might be some bug with the audio section of htc sound enhancement, time will tell and next is to test battery life!

    One thing i did notice phone charges FAST!, i would say its on par with charging an iphone 4 with the 2 amp ipad charger, i have to check the ampage on the htc charger but its fast!!!!
    11-29-2011 05:11 PM