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  1. anon(236746)'s Avatar
    I am noticing backlight bleed (or the AMOLED equivalent?), around the lower-left corner of my new Focus S. The following pictures accentuate it a lot -- it's not as striking in person, but is nonetheless present. It's especially noticeable in a dark room. I looked at my wife's (same phone) this morning, and didn't notice anything like this.

    original #1, original #2

    However, when the screen is pure black, I don't notice it at all.


    Has anyone else experienced this? Suggestions? I've had this phone less than a week...

    (PS: sorry for the blurrycam shots)
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  2. jeremyshaw's Avatar
    Simple. On pure black, the screen doesn't even turn on the OLED elements, which is why pure black = black. It's not backlight bleed, just uncalibrated panel. Has to be done at the factory. If you can get a replacement, then do so.
    12-02-2011 01:52 PM

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