1. Tjarren's Avatar
    I know I'm probably dreaming here, but the lack of internet sharing was a deal breaker for someone I was trying to interest in the device. He was sick of Android after 6 months (Thunderbolt has been horrible to him) and is now back on iOS with a 4S that he paid full price for (as nutty as that sounds).

    So, any word?
    12-11-2011 10:09 PM
  2. dbadali's Avatar
    I sent an email to Verizon last week asking about the update since my company uses exchange 2003. Unbelievably, I got a phone call from them. While I was not provided any info on the update, she said it would be forwarded to technical staff. Maybe if there are more emails, it will help move the update along. Wishful thinking on my part.
    12-12-2011 08:11 AM