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    I've gone through the week with only using my Japanese account. I'm perfectly fine with many aspects of it so far. I'll have to rebuy some apps, but I most are under 100円. I don7t mind supporting the developers as well.

    The two things that are still looming over my reset are Xbox Live and Zune accounts. Hmm, I don't mind loosing the preview of the images that played in the background and the lock screen. I do miss the ability of going back to my Zune subscription service some day. I can't view anything in the Zune marketplace content, even podcasts. A big bummer.

    Through this transition again I'm continually being amazed at how attached I've gotten to my XBL account, haha. I was asked in a pervious reply if I've contacted XBL support. I still need to do that (^-^;; and see what I'll loose when I transfer the account. The best way might be to just log onto XBL with my Xbox and see what content is available in both places.

    Other then that I dropped my phone into the sink while washing dishes. I'm very happy for the water proofing, lol. :D

    Until next time.
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    02-10-2012 05:58 AM