1. ljkelley's Avatar
    Had the device a month now, so here is my review:

    Nokia Lumia 710 Review - startBlue

    Did get the Cyan Xpress-on Cover. Show it off in the video.
    02-11-2012 07:32 PM
  2. jabtano's Avatar
    The 710 is a very good device. Aside from the screen size, It's romps all over the HTC HD7.
    The big disappointment is Nokia Drive. in settings you have two options 2D-3D, the 3D doesn't have any effects to the maps at all so i'm miffed by what it's doing in there in the first place. Nokia Maps on the other hand is very good. Much better than Bing Maps. Nokia offers much better value on devices than any other manufacture. both in software and design.
    02-12-2012 06:23 AM
  3. jrdatrackstar1223's Avatar
    I have to disagree about Nokia Maps and Drive, as they're terribly outdated IMHO. I live in Indianapolis, IN and there were restaurants and places I searched that didn't show up that even Bing would find (and of course, Google would find).
    02-14-2012 11:49 AM
  4. brad4560's Avatar
    very good review. I have not had the time to test out the nokia drive app, i have been reading here in the forums the app takes up alot of space?
    02-24-2012 08:58 PM
  5. TricBox's Avatar
    You can download the state you need or want. You don't have to download the whole nation. Does not take up too much space. And for a basic turn by turn unit, it seems to work real well. Just tried it out today.
    02-24-2012 09:03 PM
  6. msmusicmaker's Avatar
    I originally had a Nokia Nuron on tmobile before getting this phone, and it had OVI Maps on it. If you have ever used ovi, you'll really think Nokia Drive is limited. The things I need the most are navigation with street names and alternate routing. But anyway, Nokia seems to be planning to improve the drive application so hopefully it will stack up to ovi maps soon.

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    02-25-2012 03:50 AM