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    Edited: This error code is not in the support list so I don't know what is wrong with the update. Anyone else who has updated during the week-end has received this error code at the end of the update? For me it appears in the final stages at about 60 % of the backup.
    At the same place I have also received error code 80070026.

    A new bug from Samsung with a work around coming in the shape of a new tool?

    February 22nd
    Come on guys! DOESN'T ANYBODY have a clue? Have all of you REALLY been able to update the latest Samsung update without hiccups and error codes? Or are you, just like bankers, too ashamed to admit that you too have had problems?

    February 24
    (Friday morning in Sweden) The problem is solved. My last resort was to copy the solution from June of 2011 and download an run the Device Update Support Tool for Omnia KC3, which took care of a loop at stage 6 (restarting your phone). After having run that the update went fine.
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    02-19-2012 07:49 PM
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    I got a almost same error on a HTC Radar C110e

    error code 80181DC

    It said that there was an error while trying to make a backup to Update the OS to Windows Phone v 7.10.7740.16

    A day after it now it shows

    error code 80070026

    And I'm not able to update anyways
    03-21-2013 09:28 AM