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    My subject title says it all really. When bluetooth is off the canned lady gives me the directions, but when the phone is connected with (built-in VW Polo) carkit i can't hear anything she says.

    Any idea's anyone?

    Gr. and thanks in advance.
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    02-21-2012 01:44 PM
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    Nokia Drive uses the Bluetooth audio as opposed to bluetooth headset profile, could that be it? My car has separate modes for Bluetooth audio v. Phone calls. The built in maps uses the phone profile
    02-28-2012 11:37 AM
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    I have a hands free, Bury 9600 CC, and a Lumia 800.
    I have the same problem with Bluetooth, Nokia Drive and getting the voice over the car speaker.

    On the Bury 9600 CC I found an option to turn on/off A2DP,(see below).
    When turning it off I got voice guidance from the phone speaker, and could still use the phone with hands free.
    But then I couldn't use the Bury 9600 CC for controlling the Music Hub on the phone.

    Turning A2DP on again, I can control the Music Hub, use hands free but no voice guidance from phone speaker or car speaker.

    So here I see a part of the problem/solution.
    And when we get the WP7.8 update Nokia updates Bluetooth transfer of DRM. (Again see below, the last 2 lines)

    Will this update bring good or bad news for the hands free or will it not do anything at all?
    Does Nokia know that it could be in the A2DP/DRM connections that the problem is?
    And will Nokia solve this problem now that we know other WP-brands can use handsfree GPS/navigation?


    Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

    This profile defines how high quality audio (stereo or mono) can be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection. For example, music can be streamed from a mobile phone, to a wireless headset, hearing aid & cochlear implant streamer, car audio, or from a laptop/desktop to a wireless headset.
    A2DP was initially used in conjunction with an intermediate Bluetooth transceiver that connects to a standard audio output jack, encodes the incoming audio to a Bluetooth-friendly format, and sends the signal wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones that decode and play the audio. Bluetooth headphones, especially the more advanced models, often come with a microphone and support for the Headset (HSP),Hands-Free (HFP) and Audio/Video Remote Control (AVRCP) profiles.
    A2DP is designed to transfer a uni-directional 2-channel stereo audio stream, like music from an MP3 player, to a headset or car radio.[1]This profile relies on AVDTP and GAVDP. It includes mandatory support for the low-complexity SBC codec (not to be confused with Bluetooth's voice-signal codecs such as CVSDM), and supports optionally: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AAC, and ATRAC, and is extensible to support manufacturer-defined codecs, such as apt-X. Some Bluetooth stacks enforce the SCMS-T digital rights management (DRM) scheme. In these cases, it is impossible to connect certain A2DP headphones for high quality audio.
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