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    My girlfriend got her Lumia 800 from O2 about a month ago.

    She loves it. Way more than her work iPhone 4s.

    During the day she never uses her Nokia because she is busy at work and has her work supplied iPhone.

    However, despite charging it fully overnight, and not being used, her Lumia switches itself off by mid-end of the evening because the battery is dead.

    Surely this cannot be right?

    My Omnia 7, with use, has plenty of battery left - sure it's got a bigger battery than the Lumia but still! Her iPhone, with use, has loads of battery left.

    Any suggestions?
    03-15-2012 04:03 AM
  2. Pronk's Avatar
    Sounds like a duff one. If your phone is up to date with the battery updates there's no reason it should be discharging at that rate with low use.

    I'd take it back to O2 and get an exchange.
    03-15-2012 05:02 AM
  3. podsnap's Avatar
    It's not got the latest firmware update that is supposed to being pushed out by Nokia at the moment.

    But is has the latest OS version.

    I understand the new firmware is supposed to fix issues with the battery but it can't have been this bad on all Lumias, surely?
    03-15-2012 05:32 AM
  4. Pronk's Avatar
    It varies wildly. Mine was OK pre-battery update 1, then after that the calibration was off and it'd last about the same length of time but then shut down at 20% or so. The second battery fix sorted that out but I didn't notice much of a bump up in lifespan. This current round of updates that doesn't seem to have made it to the UK yet is the one that's supposed to really help longevity as it reduces the power used in standby.

    But even with the worst battery update, it should still last a day with no use. Does your girlfriend work in an area with terrible signal? The only reason I can think of for the battery being so poor is that the phone is doing constant network searches.
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    03-15-2012 06:23 AM
  5. podsnap's Avatar
    Thanks Pronk, that's really useful information.

    She works in the centre of Manchester, so I doubt there is an issue with signal.

    Will try to get to an O2 store this weekend and see what they say about replacing it. Hopefully just a straight swap given how new it is.
    03-15-2012 07:04 AM
  6. Pronk's Avatar
    No worries - if you look on the Nokia UK website at their support forums there are loads of posts about battery issues - a lot of people have had very rapid drain and/or can't get the battery to charge.
    03-15-2012 08:07 AM
  7. welsbloke's Avatar
    This sounds like it is draining whilst in standby which is the issue I was having. Regardless of use it would not last much past 3 or 4 PM. Turning off the Phone Data helped a lot and gave it plenty of life which for me at the time was a workaround as I was happy with the WiFi in the office and at home.

    However the latest Nokia firmware fixed the problem and I think you can expect to see this update roll out over the coming weeks.

    Not willing to turn off data or wait then apply the firmware yourself using the cab sender method. Actually pretty straightforward and firmware is less of a drama than say a full on OS refresh so no need to concern yourself with language sets for example. The firmware I used was from Singapore again that should not worry you however it has since come to light that the firmware introduced a volume bug, which went along the line of the volume going full blast when your phone rung or a track started then reverted back to the volume you had it set too. Again not an issue for me as I have the volume on or off.

    The instructions on how to get the firmware and the installation process is on the XDA forum website. It looks scarier than it is.

    [CAB] Official WP7 Updates List: 7.10.8107 + ALL LANGUAGES complete + OEM updates - xda-developers

    I am now a happy Nokia 800 bunny.
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    03-15-2012 08:26 AM
  8. podsnap's Avatar
    Thanks for the information both of you. Really appreciate the response.

    welsbloke, that sounds like exactly the problem so am hopeful that the new firmware will fix it.

    Although if I have time, I might well take it to a Nokia Care centre this weekend and see what they say (it also seems to get very hot, much hotter than say my Omnia 7, so there maybe more wrong with it than just the battery problem - or indeed they may be linked).
    03-15-2012 10:30 AM
  9. welsbloke's Avatar
    I do not recall mine being hot unless it was a particularly manic session of Fruit Ninja. That certainly would indicate some sort of excessive drain problem over and above the one I have described. If you have access to a care centre nearby that sounds like a good idea.
    03-15-2012 10:56 AM
  10. borjeboy's Avatar
    mine is new, and when im not using it last for like 25hours. I Haven't got the 12070 update. So it seems to me that something is wrong with it. Or there is an app that drains battery on it.
    03-17-2012 09:24 AM
  11. Yakkob's Avatar
    Mine gets hot sometimes, and that's when it is on standby.
    I'm really looking forward to the 12070 update myself, as sometimes the phone will last a good 15 hours with 30% battery left, and then sometimes I'm charging after 12hours.
    I don't want to do the manual upgrade as it took me ages to get my phone into a usable state after the last downgrade upgrade.
    I'm waiting for the UK release of it...
    Fingers crossed it'll be soon :):happy:
    03-17-2012 07:41 PM
  12. Yakkob's Avatar
    Just re-read about the update and it says you don't lose any data...
    I thought I'd read that it reset the phone to factory settings...

    If it doesn't... The.. WINNER!
    03-17-2012 07:54 PM
  13. Yakkob's Avatar
    Well.. I've just done the update..
    Totally painless. All settings/texts/emails remain unchanged.
    Discharge rate is now around 80, which is half of what it was.
    I'll let you know how the update pans out with regards to battery-life.
    03-18-2012 12:34 PM