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    I'm leaning heavily towards the Titan II. I'm a big fan of larger screen sizes (4.5-4.7). My biggest and only concern is the battery life. What can you all tell me about the battery life of your Titan?

    I also understand the the II will sport LTE which will cause a quicker battery drain. Just trying to get an idea whether it will be quicker on an already poor battery. Btw, I do have LTE service in my area.

    Thanks in advance.
    03-25-2012 07:18 PM
  2. SolunaKitty's Avatar
    I will refer you to this thread. Mine lasts about two to three days if I only do calls/texts and like maybe 30 mins to an hour of games a day.

    The last time I charged my phone was 1 days and 3hrs ago. I played several minutes of free games (ads cost a bit of battery life), I had a 1:00:34 long phone call, and apparently, I still have 1 day and 18 hours of juice left. However, I leave my 4G off since I am near wi-fi all day.
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    03-26-2012 03:14 AM
  3. boss.king's Avatar
    My battery lasts 2 days easily. My daily use breaks down as follows:

    2-3hrs of internet browsing (WiFi conneted all day, cell data always off)
    Send 4-8 emails
    1-2 hrs of music (around 15/30 volume)
    Anywhere between 50 and 150 texts
    1-2 calls (short)
    10-15 mins gaming (some games are far more demanding though, like Ilo Milo, which kills my battery fast)
    Also, my house is like a nuclear bunker so my phone constantly has weak signal and has to search. My room is almost a total deadzone. This greatly affects the battery life.

    I've gotten to midday on day 3 before when I cut out the gaming and was in a good reception area.
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    03-26-2012 04:29 AM
  4. steve70's Avatar
    The Titan uses the same battery as the EVO 3D and can be picked up cheap under the EVO 3D and its 1730 also.
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    03-26-2012 05:32 AM
  5. pfe1223's Avatar
    Battery life is great. LTE will use more battery, but if you could turn that off you would have no reason to worry about running out of battery by the end of the day.
    03-26-2012 01:35 PM