1. wilco9's Avatar
    Folks, I was just preordering my lumia 900 on att.com. I am using a non-smartphone right now so I don't have any data plans. now that I put lumia 900 in my shopping cart and selected the $20 dataplus personal 300MB plan, the page turned and says:

    Are you sure you want to leave your current data group?
    If you decide to leave your current data group, the following will occur:
    You will be removed from your current data group
    If you were the primary line of an existing data group, the next member who has been with the data group the longest will inherit the primary line role, the monthly charge of the data group, and any group data overage charges.
    If your line is the only line in the current data group and you decide to create this new group, the current data group will no longer exist

    why did this happen? I happen to be the primary line of our family plan and I intend to continue this role too. Why can't I just keep being the primary line and just upgrade my phone and get a data plan? it sounds simple enough to me.
    03-31-2012 11:52 PM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    I am not a rep and I am not sure why you got that message, but 300MB isn't enough data for a smartphone, you really have to select the 2GB option.

    You may want to call AT&T and order it over the phone if you keep getting that error.
    04-01-2012 12:17 AM
  3. xbayx650's Avatar
    It sounds like you were switching away from your family plan. but go ahead and place your order. If anything goes wrong, you can always call customer care and they will fix it. I also highly recommend the 3gb plan for $30. It's only $10 more and you get 10 times more data. If you go over your 300mb plan by even 1mb you are billed an additional $20 for 300mb.
    04-01-2012 12:50 AM
  4. wilco9's Avatar
    thanks guys. i kept getting that message so I gave up, preordered on walmart's website, it's even 20 bucks cheaper. yeah, i got the 3gb plan as well.

    att's website needs some serious fix.
    04-01-2012 12:56 AM