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    Hello All,
    I don't know if there are any Sprint employees as members here, but I though maybe there might be, or the good folks at WPCentral may have an inside source for an answer. It seems to me that if a company (Sprint) advertises a phone, sells that phone to a customer attached to a 2 year commitment, then the company (SPRINT) should support the phone for no less then the minimum 2 years that "they" obligated their customer to. If, as I have heard a Sprint employee say, there is a problem with either the software vendor, or hardware vendor, getting updates, (update 8107 for example), bug fixes ect...to the customer, then SPRINT needs to correct that problem with the vendor, and if there is actually no problem with either the software or hardware vendor, then Sprint needs to get it taken care of.( and really how much trouble is it to get updates to the consumer, does it cost Sprint money? Do they have to pay per user for updates?, I really don't know) I don't see how they (Sprint) can just write off the customers and the product in just a year, or less actually. I do realize that there are less WP7 Sprint customers than ios & andriod, but customers none the less. I would really like to know just how many Arrive customers Sprint actually has, I'm sure it has to be more then the small handful that Sprint downplays it is. ... And even if the number of Arrive users is that small, we are STILL The Customer ..... Speaking to YOU Mr. Hesse...... :dry
    04-02-2012 05:54 PM
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    Sprint supports the Arrive just fine so far. 8107 isn't really needed for the Arrive. We will see their level of support is though when tango/apollo comes.
    04-02-2012 06:23 PM
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    Agreed with the above, 8107 isn't a NECESSITY... but it would fix a few things and show to their subscribers that they give a damn (somewhat).

    The keyboard issue is the #1 priority for this update. I can't recall the amount of times I've been typing a text out or something in IE just for soft keyboard to disappear. The hard keyboard would just stop typing and focus from the text field would be gone. I'd have to tap the text field again (in both cases) to resume typing.

    Not to mention that whatever security updates are included would be a nice thing to have, as well as whatever tweaks (smoother scrolling? radio update?) may be in the update.

    It's not a requirement, but it's highly recommended. At least show us you care.. and I agree with the OP. 2 years from release of the product is an acceptable time to support the device. We paid for the phone and service for that long, anyway.
    04-05-2012 10:25 AM
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    Sprint supports the Arrive just fine so far. 8107 isn't really needed for the Arrive. We will see their level of support is though when tango/apollo comes.
    I couldn't disagree more. 8107, in addition to fixing the disapearing keyboard issue (present even with the physical keyboard), also fixes a major flaw with Exchange 2003 support.

    I LOVE my Arrive, but Sprint blows. I dropped AT&T specifically to pick up the Arrive last year, and aside from the cheap plan, I couldn't be more disappointed with Sprint's support for this platform. As soon as Nokia makes a keyboard slider on AT&T, I'm heading back. It's a shame too, as the Arrive has one of the best keyboards I;ve ever used.
    05-19-2012 07:19 AM
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    I agree that "any" carrier, should actively support handsets under contract for 2 years +3 months (the launch period), or whatever the length of your particular carrier's contract. After that, they have no obligation. Failing to provide available updates in a timely manner, while locking users to contracts, is criminal. There should be legislation to prevent it.

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    05-19-2012 08:42 AM
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    What about MS dropping support for WinMo 6?? My dad is still under contract with his TP2 and there is no support for it.. Not even a marketplace to download apps. I do agree Sprints support for the Arrive is pretty sad, not to bash MS because I love windows phone but how do they expect anyone to support it when their is only 2 CDMA phones?!?! ATT has 5+ and the other top 2 carriers have 1 each.. makes no sense. Come on Nokia!! :) but i will always be a WP supporter just hoping for newer devices like the rest of us.
    05-21-2012 08:35 AM
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    Sprint supports the Arrive just fine so far. 8107 isn't really needed for the Arrive. We will see their level of support is though when tango/apollo comes.
    Are you serious?!?! If my keyboard goes away while i'm trying to type a text message one more time i might throw my Arrive out a window!! It is a very annoying problem that needs to be fixed.

    And i totally agree that Sprint needs to step up their game and really start supporting the Arrive!
    06-15-2012 10:15 AM
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    Justwar88, you hit the nail on the head when it comes to Microsoft and CDMA support for US carriers. Even by having three undercoded and underencrypted WP8 devices has not shown interest from them towards the CDMA community, even when it represents about 2/3 of the total cellphone lines in the US. It's a shame, but their actions and sticking CDMA carriers with only two WP7 devices was a major mistake, even when they knew some prepaid carriers wanted some high end WP devices.
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    11-19-2012 11:07 AM