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    First, I just wanted to say WELCOME to anyone who is coming to Windows Phone from either iOS or Android.

    I myself came from Android when the HTC Arrive released on Sprint about a year ago. This was PRE-Mango and at a time the OS was truly in its infancy. It was also at a time where I had trouble recommending the platform to any of my non-geeky friends who were on Android.

    Since Mango came out, all changed. I completely got rid of everything 'Google' in my life (gmail, blogspot, google search....). EVERYTHING!!! Their business practices were getting shadier than normal, even for Google. But I digress.

    You have to come in to this remembering 'Windows Phone is COMPLETELY different'. It's not built on app shortcuts and widgets. The live tiles and application list take some getting used to. Frankly, my first week with the platform had me skeptical. But all things cleared up.

    From battery life, Office, Zune, Xbox, SkyDrive....the features just grow on you. The ME Tile and People Tile will become your best friends, especially if you're social. Windows Live Chat (which also lets you chat with Facebook friends) makes messaging people seamless. If you type something to someone not logged on to a social service, the phone will suggest you send them a text. You can change back and forth without missing a beat.

    I'm sure there are going to be things missing. People always say 'Well what about apps in the marketplace'. I'm personally not one to use a lot of apps, but when I do - I've always found what I needed. I know that won't be the case for everyone, but there is a way to change that. We need to really get on developers and push them to release for this platform. Microsoft is really working on getting some top level apps that people on other platforms may use in the marketplace. I just personally don't notice what's missing and what's not.

    There is also some notes out here about Zune and the 9.99 a month. My advice to you...GET IT! Hear a song on the radio? Tag it with Bing (or even Shazam I believe). Then it'll take you to the song in the Music Marketplace and you can download it RIGHT THERE. Over the air. Without spending anything extra (unless you want to) outside of that 9.99. It'll even sync back to your PC when connected. It's completely worth it. You can even stream music without downloading anything. KEEP IN MIND: If you're on Cellular Data, it WILL consume your bits of course. :-)

    Anyway...I hope all of you switching will enjoy your phones. Just remember, you may feel out of sorts at first, but it will ALL sink in and you'll wonder how you ever went without it. :-)
    04-06-2012 11:19 AM
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    There is already a thread for this:


    04-06-2012 11:22 AM