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    I was signing the papers for a car I recently bought and pulled out my phone to check something. Both the salesman and the bank lady both immediately started asking questions. They wanted to know what it was, the bank lady asked to hold it, commented on how nice it felt, then held it up next to her iPhone and said she liked how big the screen was. Then I told them it comes out Sunday and will also be available in black. At that point they were shocked that this blue was my phones color and not a case because it was so bright and vibrant. In the end they both came away impressed and like the look of the phone and the OS. Then I went to an AT&T store to check on cases and the reps there were asking how I had gotten it already and said that most of them had it as their corperate phone now and how most of the reps liked it and it ran so much smoother than they were expecting based on its specs.
    04-06-2012 07:48 PM