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    Hi, coming from webOS there's one thing that I loved with this OS: the community and homebrew applictions.

    I know there is an homebrew underground with WP too, but as newbie, I really don't know how to proceed.

    First of all, does a solution exist for the Lumia 800 ?

    I went to the Chevron website but tokens are "sold out". Plus, I don't know what to do once the phone is jailbroken ...

    I also went to the Touchxperience website, but there's no way to download the windows app !

    So I don't know if it's ok to talk about that here, but can someone give me instructions on how to unlock the phone please ?
    04-08-2012 06:07 AM
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    There are legal ways to unlock your device (like developer unlock or buying a token).
    And there are other ways to do it :)
    Once that is done you can install homebrew apps on your phone.
    WP7 packs the appliactions in a compressed file with .xap extenssion.
    Once you have the xap file you can use the application deployment tool that comes with the WP7 SDK to deploy the xap on your phone with just a click of a button.

    There was quite a few news posted on this very forum about homebrew apps that were available over at XDA. Try searching for them :)

    I don't know how far the Lumia 800 is in regard to homebrew apps but most phones have quite a few. I imagine now that the Lumia 900 is selling in US the numbers will grow fast.
    The 800 and 900 shoulden't be that different.

    Hope you make the switch to WP7, something new and exiting :)
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    04-08-2012 06:25 AM