1. dblake15's Avatar
    I am getting mine tomorrow and one thing I have not heard is how is the keyboard? Does the autocomplete and spell check work well? Can you change it like android?

    04-08-2012 07:16 PM
  2. freestaterocker's Avatar
    WP software keyboard is far and away the best on the market. Autocorrect and autocomplete, as well as word prediction are all brilliant, and it is fast, responsive and accurate. This is good, because there are no alternatives on the market. Also, if there's a word/name you type often that the stock dictionary doesn't contain, finish typing the word, then tap it to highlight it, and the suggestion area will give you the option to add it (+ word) to the dictionary. Once you've done this the word you added will always show up in the predictions as one of the first couple options, allowing you to type even faster.
    04-08-2012 08:04 PM