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    Just an FYI...
    The loss of data, intermittent data loss is not a new issue. Nor is it limited to the Lumia.

    Every so often there are switch delays and Sim/IMEI registration errors.

    This is a larger launch than at&t had expected and since its a new type of Sim there are bound to be hiccups.

    Keep calm, be courteous, just ask for a new Sim card. Always go to a Corporate store.

    A friend told me that some Lumias that were ordered are being diverted to the stores because of a possible Sim error.

    Also, the Titan 2 is having a slight data issue. My Focus S has been doing this for a few months as well as my GFs iPhone 4s. My uncle's Inspire and Room Mate's iPhone are having similar issues.

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    04-09-2012 11:01 PM