1. trumpet116's Avatar
    Now that we've had a tough launch, what does everyone who bought a Lumia 900 think? Do you guys still recommend the phone?

    Also, I don't understand how this stuff always happens. These devices are tested for months and months and there are still issues with almost every phone released! Nice try with the "beta phone" campaign, Nokia...Can we have real commercials now?
    04-11-2012 09:24 PM
  2. jd914's Avatar
    For someone that requires great web browsing, a robust text application and the best email client on any mobile platform yes I highly recommend the Lumia 900.

    BTW my data only dropped out once and it has been working fine ever since besides that I have had Zero issues with my Lumia 900.
    04-11-2012 09:30 PM
  3. dkp23's Avatar
    love the phone hate the camera
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    04-11-2012 09:31 PM
  4. davela72's Avatar
    I love it so far, other than the camera not being the best, I'm really diggin' the phone and the OS.
    04-11-2012 09:37 PM
  5. jimski's Avatar
    Sill lovin' this phone. No data issues, or any other to speak of. Camera is at least as good as my Surround's, so that's good for me. Yes, I would recommend the phone to anyone. The current price (+$1) is a bonus. Would still pay $99 or $199.

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    04-11-2012 10:02 PM
  6. AndreaCristiano's Avatar
    love the phone no complaints at all my phone functions like it should and my camera is more than adequate
    04-11-2012 10:13 PM
  7. mdelacoma's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm fine with the camera as well. Of all the things I want from a phone, a great camera just isn't one of them.
    04-11-2012 10:22 PM
  8. trumpet116's Avatar
    thanks guys. If I buy one at at&t tomorrow will I get one with the bug fixes or will I have to hope I have the luck of you guys and not those in the bug report thread?
    04-11-2012 10:33 PM
  9. puredrive07's Avatar
    Yes, I would still recommend the Lumia 900 to people; though if they are mainly in it for the picture taking, I would definitely tell them to look at the Titan II and let them decide what fits their needs. All my family members and fiancee with their iPhone 4S prefer using my Lumia 900 and constantly say how quick it is and easy to use.
    04-11-2012 10:43 PM
  10. davela72's Avatar
    thanks guys. If I buy one at at&t tomorrow will I get one with the bug fixes or will I have to hope I have the luck of you guys and not those in the bug report thread?
    Just make sure you ask them if the ones they are selling is from the new batch.
    04-11-2012 10:51 PM
  11. dtboos's Avatar
    Highly recommend. I am als hopeful that they can tweak the camera with an update as its not the greatest. Good enough in decent light but could be better.

    Other than that the phone is amazing.

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    04-11-2012 11:00 PM
  12. Alteran195's Avatar
    I love the phone, I love the build quality, love the design, love windows phone, the camera is ok but I don't really care. My only complaint is more about Microsoft then the phone. None of my credit cards are working with windows live, even the prepaid app card I got from a windows phone promotion won't work.
    04-11-2012 11:46 PM
  13. ddaniel87's Avatar
    I got my phone on Friday after preordering. By Saturday the data started dropping and then it wouldnt do anything. Did a full reset and it started dropping again on Monday. Tuesday I spent hours on the phone with AT&T and they sent me to store for a new SIM. ATT store put the SIM in and it still didnt work. So, they gave me a brand new phone. When I got home Tuesday I saw the story break about getting 100 back and that you could have yours replaced now if you wanted. I thought to myself, so glad I went to store and already have a new one. Wednesday morning I woke up...........And the new phone has no data and cant send MMS. REALLY!

    After all the data issues, the extremely lackluster camera performance, third party app lag, reduced app availability, WP7,,,,,No, i can not recommend. This was my first foray into WP7 since the days of old, and I am really disappointed in the features. The most irritating one is the inability to adjust the volume independently. Fix the camera, fix the data, and make it upgradeable to Apollo with some better features and it would be wonderful. But, There are just too many issues. I would however like to commend Nokia for their gesture in light of the data issues. Apple wouldnt do that, nor samsung.
    04-12-2012 01:01 AM
  14. ddaniel87's Avatar
    And one more thing, the Battery life is astounding...But, that may be because it is a 16 GB ipod that cant use data.
    04-12-2012 01:08 AM
  15. txaggies07's Avatar
    Love the phone. Not regretting it at all, especially after the $100 credit.
    04-12-2012 02:13 AM
  16. Timback's Avatar
    Love this phone, had IPhone 4s, camera is not that good, but that is my only gripe, love the screen, very easy on the eyes, love the tiles, amazing phone
    Very impressed by Nokia and Microsoft
    04-12-2012 02:25 AM
  17. erine100's Avatar
    I would recommend the phone to anyone
    04-12-2012 04:07 AM
  18. chrise2's Avatar
    I had data issues the first day but has been fine ever since. I also am not a fan of the camera, but I'm learning to deal. Everything else about the phone is great and would recommend it.

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    04-12-2012 05:07 AM
  19. LordGreylock's Avatar
    I had an iPhone 4S (which I still have) and I also had a Lumia 800, when I heard the 900 was coming out I sold the 800 and picked this up right away. I have no data issues. I took some comparison shots and the 900's camera isn't as good as the 4S however I have been able to take some very good photos with it.
    As I use it mainly as a phone and internet device first and a camera second it's not a big deal to me. The screen looks awesome, even though the 4S has a retina display, it looks washed out in comparison and viewing the 900 outside on a sunny day is a whole lot easier.

    I am really enjoying the larger screen, and I love Microsoft's Metro UI.
    Overall I am really loving this phone. My only real gripe is the vibrate sounds so clunky. I cannot understand why they would release this phone with a vibrate function that sounds so bad.
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    04-12-2012 06:32 AM
  20. techygeek82's Avatar
    Even with the data issues and camera concerns by most (I'm not one of them. I think the camera is just fine for me), I can say this device is solid. Even if you do happen to get one and the data bug hits you, there ARE workarounds (APN info) that you can input to get the data to function until the patch is pushed out to us. Heck, just the dedication Nokia is showing in conjunction with AT&T to 'make things right' is a sign at how far Nokia is willing to go to get back in the game. I commend them for that, regardless if the bug made it through testing or not.

    The phone looks great and performs just as well. I've owned 3 windows phones: HTC Arrive, Samsung Focus s (for 10 days - hated it. Constrution was poor, there were far FAR more bugs with it than the Nokia and just hated the cheap feel of it so I don't necessarily count it as owned) HTC Titan and the Lumia 900. This is by far my favorite out of the bunch.
    04-12-2012 07:20 AM
  21. JPDVM2014's Avatar
    Yes, i would still recommend it. I had the data drop out for the first time today, but it came back after a soft reset. The camera is more than adequate for me, and I believe it can be made somewhat better with software. I have seen some really good photos taken with the Lumia 800, and (I think) that has had at least one patch to address some camera issues. But, if I were you, I would also check out the Titan II. It depends on what is more important to you. I prefer the screen, design, and exclusive apps on the Lumia 900, but the Titan II has the bigger screen and better camera.
    04-12-2012 12:48 PM
  22. PhilR8's Avatar
    love the phone hate the camera
    Pretty much sums it up for me.
    04-12-2012 01:18 PM
  23. apoc527's Avatar
    I love the phone and find that the camera is completely adequate if you make a habit of auto-fixing every photo you take indoors. I have actually started to ignore my iPhone and found it just a few hours ago sitting, all alone and unwanted, in a compartment in my bag. Poor, poor unloved iPhone. The Lumia just does it all for me now.
    04-12-2012 01:27 PM
  24. sting7k's Avatar
    My main issue is the reception is worse than my iPhone 4. There is fairly poor signal inside my building at work. But my iPhone 4 rarely totally lost it and the Lumia is losing it frequently. Coupled with wifi that turns off when the phone locks means I don't get any data randomly at times at work now.

    Also battery life doesn't seem very good. I have barely done any use on it today and it's already at 37% remaining. Which I assume is because when it loses signal it keeps searching and it's draining my battery.
    04-12-2012 02:13 PM
  25. Adiliyo's Avatar
    i would 100% suggest it to people, lag free os, new and refreshing design (of software and hardware)

    even if they're super wanting something else, i'd at least ask them to try it out in a store.

    personally i'm extremely happy with mine, although i'm hoping they can tweak the camera a bit with firmware and also make the hspa/lte handoffs a bit better too.
    04-12-2012 02:30 PM