1. hollywars's Avatar
    Has anyone been able to record using the front facing camera and be able to email the video?

    EVerytime I try to send a video via email that was recorded with the front camera it crashes to the main screen. The back camera compresses and emails just fine. Just wondering if anyone else has that issue or if I really need to swap it out. I'd rather not and just wait and see if the update fixes this.

    Also, no headphones I have with mic work with this headset just bought 100 pair that works with everything but my lumia. I'd rather not return them and pay for the purity seems like a waste if they fix it with update as well. Anyone with any help would be greatly appreciated.
    04-12-2012 01:02 AM
  2. milk242's Avatar
    Just tried it and had no problems.

    What I did was:
    Open the camera app and record a video with the front camera.
    Opened the mail app and wrote an email to me and attached the video.

    I believe the headphone problems lie in the way the pins are organized in the headphone jack. Apple switched the pins when they first released the iphone and went against every other manufacturer. Slowly, Android manufacturers switched over to the same pin layout Apple uses and I'm not sure if Windows manufacturers have.
    04-12-2012 03:44 AM
  3. hollywars's Avatar
    hmm when I open the email and try to set up an attachment it only gives pictures no video. I think I have a bum phone :(
    04-12-2012 09:12 AM