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    One of the things I really miss about my Palm pre is the touchstone charger. Why every phone doesn't offer it is beyond me

    Anyway, I decided to adapt one of my old pre touchstone backs to my Trophy.

    I carefully removed the inductive coil assembly with a razor blade:

    The bottom terminal in the pic is positive the top is negative.

    The whole thing comes off like a sticker. Just start at the corners and carefully peel it off.

    I then aligned it and stuck it on the inside of an Incipio Sylicrylic case:

    It may work using the factory back but the silicone part of the case made routing wires easier. I left the factory back off to give more room.

    Here are the places where I wired the charger:

    Pic ripped off the web :)

    The square on the left (Near the vibrator) marks a tiny SMT component that is the positive from the wired charger. The square on the right is a common ground.

    Some poking around with a meter will reveal the exact places. You should have 5V with the USB charger plugged in. I just used some phone wire stripped down and soldered them in place.

    So far it works great :D Sorry about the pics but they were taken with my Trophy. It's my only camera so I couldn't take pics of the inside :blush:

    This video was VERY useful:


    Hopefully this will help some other Palm rejects enjoy their Trophy even more :P
    04-14-2012 08:39 PM
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    Pretty awesome!
    04-15-2012 12:06 PM
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    Incredible! I really miss my touchstone. Wish I could do this with my Focus S but I don't have the guts to take it apart.
    04-15-2012 04:59 PM
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    Thanks guys! So far it's working well! The Touchstone really spoiled me and it was THE biggest thing I missed about my pre.

    It is kind of harrowing removing those little VOID stickers and soldering stuff onto the phones circuit board.

    I was VERY relieved when the phone fired up and worked after it's little operation :D

    The plan was to get an insurance replacement if I bricked it :dry
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    04-15-2012 06:44 PM
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    This is one of the main things I miss about webos. Not only the touchstone but the community. Unfortunately hp abandoned us, so we had no choice. Too bad I can't do this for my new lumia :D

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    04-15-2012 07:26 PM