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    I had mentioend this in another post but I think now it deservers a thread. I have the cyan and got it the Friday before release. I have had no issues. Screen camera everything is good. I got my wife the white 900 and it had issues. Screen was way too saturated with a redish hue. Screen was also not as sharp. I returned it. Got her another white. It had the exact same issues. Both times I made sure each unit was updated to latest firmware. I also went ahead and set both up and syned etc... What was strange was that when I get to the ATT store the hue is not as bad. You can tell but not as bad as at home. To help show I loaded a picture form my computer to both. I showed it to the rep and he coudl also see that the picture looked sharper on the cyan. He took a picture with both phones of the same scene. The white camera's picture was darker and had more noise and color splatches in it. So several issues. At that point we just got my wife the black one as they were out of cyan and she did not want to risk another white.

    I have not set that one up yet but the colors did not look as off as the white.
    04-22-2012 03:32 PM
  2. RiseAgainst94's Avatar
    We've had some posts that confirm that camera quality is not uniform throughout the devices. Hopefully a software update will put all the cameras rendering abilities up to par.
    04-22-2012 06:55 PM
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    i have the white i exchanged my black one for it and i must say my camera performs better on the white one than it did on the black. the only issue i see with the white at this point is i have that purple-ish keyboard thing going on i can look past it seems like we are gonna have something that is an issue if not the other the rest of the screen colors look sharp and good.
    04-22-2012 08:58 PM
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    Just exchanged the Cyan for the white one and I also have purplelish hue keyboard. It only happens when it's on auto Brightness or manual low. If I set it to medium it looks great! This is my fourth windows phone device and never have I seen this hue before. Seems like it could be fixed with a software update.
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    04-22-2012 09:12 PM
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    Here is a pic that shows how bad the color issues were on the two white ones I tried. The one on the right is the cyan the one on the left is the white. Both white units I tried were this way. It varied from app to app and from type of lighting to type of lighting. So maybe a software issue maybe a coating issue? Not sure. I also noted that it was not as sharp.

    04-23-2012 08:31 AM
  6. teski's Avatar
    Definitely not seeing this with my white one. My screen looks good and the camera is working just fine as far as I can tell. I've had the iPhone 4S, Samsung Focus, and Lumia 800 as a comparison.
    04-23-2012 10:19 AM
  7. vishrb's Avatar
    Definitely not seeing this with my white one. My screen looks good and the camera is working just fine as far as I can tell. I've had the iPhone 4S, Samsung Focus, and Lumia 800 as a comparison.
    Yeah my cyan does nto have that issue. Both white I tried did. After the second white one my wife just said scew it and get a black one. That one seems fien as well.
    04-23-2012 11:20 AM
  8. Francesco Juve's Avatar
    Just got one yesterday and it has the same issue.
    04-29-2012 10:45 AM
  9. incendy's Avatar
    I have this issue on my White Lumia, the purple tint.. The camera is horrble too but I think that is common on all Lumia's. They all have this weird pink tint coming from the center.
    04-29-2012 10:57 AM
  10. jasonincognito's Avatar
    I had the same issue with my white Lumia, but it went away and started behaving normally when I turned off automatic brightness.

    Sounds like a software issue.
    05-01-2012 10:12 AM
  11. joeaux's Avatar
    I went through two Cyan Lumia's with radio problems. One WiFi, the other bluetooth. I got a White Lumia as a replacement the last time and it's pretty much perfect. None of the problems anyone is having. Need to get them to give you a new phone till you get one that works the way it should.
    05-01-2012 11:23 PM